I'm Tiarê

Software Engineer that can be described as a serious enthusiast of technology, fortuned to work with one of my biggest passion, software development. Finding different ways to solve different problems.

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Software Engineer @ Workday
  • Any idea or content shared on this website is on my own.

About Me

Proud Software Engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. Working with software development since 2006 had the chance to work with an extensive range of solutions for small and large companies from designing the software until getting it out the door.

Have you heard about the continues learning, I see myself as one of those, if you ask what I am doing in my free time, I will probably answer that I'm studying something new or I'm in the gym. Currently, focusing my time in research/study new technologies always thinking about the next disruption and how to get there.


Software Engine with UI/UX Designer experience passionate in creating solutions that can change people's life.

Software Development

Experience with a broad range of language and frameworks, at the moment, enjoying functional programming with Scala.

Design Experience

A good friend of mine once told me, “Your customers won't care about how good and powerful your software is if the final product is not useful”, usability matter.


Simplifying the way users interact with our product in the day-to-day.


In this section, I will include things that I have been studying or problems that I had to fix. The main goal is to share what I have learned.


The RateLimit pattern

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The retry pattern

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Bulkhead, managing concurrent requests

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