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As a Developer I know if we don’t spend time trying to learn the technology’s that are around us in somehow will be deprecated, with my experience in the past few year working in this area, i learned one thing, technology will never stop to grow up.

So my idea here is start to build my own technology radar following some of my own rules and some from Thoughtworks.

This idea came after I watch the course “Software Architecture Fundamentals People Skills” with Neal Ford and Mark Richards and in the unit “Build Your Own Technology Radar” they present some good facts that made me to decide create this radar.

  1. Create a platform for continuar analysis
  2. In my opinion one of the must important thing presented is how it could help decision markers integrate there team into a specific topic and help they have a real discussion instead someone just come to you and say “Use it”. As called by Neal Ford “unified message to non-technical but interested people”.



Hold is not the some of avoid, this is a place of some technology that you need to be careful on use it. May be useful in the future but not now.


Assess is some thing that you should be exploring as a goal to see how it would affect us.


It’s something that I’ll be trying and will be applying in some small project to see how it would work and see which problem this ‘solution’ could fix.

Everything on trial will be online for a limited time, four weeks. Why ? If I could’t found a problem to use it why should I keep it on trial ?


Adopt is everything that I strongly recommend you to use, this group will have everything that I already have test on the group Trial and has succeeded on the implementation test or in some problem that I had.

Every item will be on hold in this group during a period of four week, but I have a exception, I can republish it if I see that the problem resolved by this technology still valid.

Schedule and Update Time

This new radar that I will be creating the plan is to update it every two weeks with the reviews and reasons for a possible change of a specific topic, but If you have plans to do the same and create your own tech-radar try to use the time that you need!


All these informations are just a small resume of a big work that Neal Ford has been doing in this area, I strongly recommend you to access this link and learn more about it.

Now as my homework, I will start to build My Own Radar and you will be able to access using this link as soon as possible.

As you can see this is my first post and for now on I’ll be trying to improve how I share all the content with you. All feedback are welcome.


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  1. He's the link with the last few topics:

    Will be publishing the review soon.

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